Outage – And I’m Back – With Some Concerns

I just found out today that this blog, SpontaneiTea, has been down.  Signing onto Tea Trade, I found that the problem lies in the theme that I had selected, cutline.  Cutline has been discontinued.  According to my Google Analytics data, it looks like my blog was down since some time on November 23rd, making it down for more than a full week.

This is somewhat distressing to me.  Not only have I lost the traffic and views for the entire week, but I’m now concerned that I may lose subsequent search traffic from having such a prolonged outage.  We’ll see how quickly my search traffic recovers.

I’ve fixed the issue by switching to a new theme, but I’m a little discouraged from using this blogging platform, following this serious outage.

I would have strongly preferred, if my blog’s theme were to be discontinued, for some other default theme to be selected.  Having my blog go down without any notice is distressing to me, as it causes me a loss than has some negative implications for my business too.

The positive news is that I selected a theme that I like more, and that I think better reflects the name (and nature) of this blog.  Now if only I didn’t get an error when I tried to customize the theme on the theme page.  I still can’t figure out how to make the main page of the blog not have an empty title tag.  Again, little things that make me slightly annoyed with this site as a blogging platform!

3 thoughts on “Outage – And I’m Back – With Some Concerns”

  1. Alex, so sorry, just saw your tweets, but it’s after midnight here so I’ll reply in more detail tomorrow. Just wanted to acknowledge your post and these issues. Will notify @peter too.

  2. Alex, your theme wasn’t discontinued, as it were, but it was accidentally deleted by me during a recent purge. I had over 120 themes on Tea Trade, with about 90% old and out-dated. These themes present security risks and other issue. During the process of deleting theme, I was working against a long list of themes that were active on blogs across the network. The intent to was to remove all the old, unused themes and replace them with modern and up-to-date. There are now over 60 modern themes available.

    Unfortunately, despite my efforts to avoid deleting active themes, it turns out I failed and some blogs had their themes inadvertently removed causing them to go down.

    The good news is that your future search traffic won’t suffer. The network is active and Google is crawling it, links on the main site are being following by the search engines to the sites on the network, this recent activity (and the links it creates on the main site) will let the search engines know that the site is not dead. Your indexing will recover in a timely manner.

    I really apologize for issue I caused and the inconvenience – the problem was not an anomaly and was entirely my fault.

  3. Thank you, Peter, for the explanation! This makes sense. And so far, it looks like my traffic hasn’t taken much of a hit now that it’s back up, which is good news.

    I’m still getting an error message when I try to customize the theme though, in my dashboard. When I click customize on my theme (or any theme I’ve tried) it takes me to an empty page that just says: “Cheatin’ uh?”

    If you could help debug this, that would be great, as I really would like to customize whatever theme I settle on. Thanks so much!

    BTW–my main server hosting RateTea is now down too…it looks like my web host’s entire network is down, which is crazy, given that it’s one of the bigger hosts on the web!

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